Ben is the main antagonist of Axzyte's videos.

Description Edit

Ben is 9 years old. He likes to troll Axzyte and Zack, lie to his mom, hide his bad test papers, show his mom fake passing test papers, buy expensive stuff, sneak out of his house, waste other people's money, framing Axzyte, stealing money, winning lotteries, break Axzyte and Roze's relationship and much much more. Many fans tend to hate him as many comments are "Like if you hate Ben."

First Appearance Edit

He first appears in the video titled When a gamer's Neighbor wants to play games - In

In this video, he comes to Axzyte's home and plays on his computer, and Ben ends up buying V-Bucks on Axzyte's Fortnite account.

Trivia Edit

  • His favorite game is Roblox.
  • He can easily be considered one of the most evil characters in Axzyte's videos.
  • He has won the lottery twice, which would be illegal in real life.
  • He has gotten the treat many times.
  • He once got pranked by Axzyte and Zack by being dared to play a horror game.
  • He is one of the five characters on Axzyte's channel banner. The others are Axzyte, his mom, Roze and Zack.